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Eenvoudig alles voor jouw Ford Transit online bestellen. Jouw Laadvloer perfect op maat. Eenvoudig zelf monteren Is it theoretically possible to transform a Ford Transit 2020 AWD into a real Quigley 4x4, this vehicle being able to pass from one mode to the other by switching off the electronics of Ford Transit 2020, then by actuating a stick to pass to Quigley's 4x4 mode as usual? Thus, the driver could use it in AWD mode on paved roads, and in true 4x4. A look at the performance of a Quigley 4x4 conversion along side an AWD system.To learn more visit: http://www.quigley4x4.comSubscribe to our channel to keep.. Transit AWD vs Quigley 4x4. Close. Vote. Posted by just now. Transit AWD vs Quigley 4x4. I'm considering a Ford Transit van ( mid roof, long wheel base) build for a family of 4. We plan to visit all the US National Parks, then Alaska, Canada, Mexico and eventually Pan American Highway in a few years time Ford now has a direct ship code for QuadVans so now we can direct the Transit from the plant directly to them so you don't have to come to Matt Ford to get your Transit then get a scheduled upfit for your 4x4 conversion. This can help you in not making the trip to Kansas City but your Transit will be sitting at QuadVans waiting for the upfit

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  1. Quigley Motor Company is the only company that has qualified for Ford's Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE) program for 4×4 systems on Transit and E-Series models. This provides access to Ford's Drop-Ship and Ship-Thru (Low Roof Only) for reduced shipping costs to dealers in all 50 states and ensures you retain your factory warranty on the.
  2. I have an 2020 AWD Transit. As has been said; good tires, a little extra weight and some common sense can pay big dividends for a 2WD owner. But sometimes it's hard to get all three at the same time. For my purposes I think getting AWD was a good move as long as the lack of ground clearance doesn't come into play
  3. The solution: A Quigley 4×4 conversion. Just how much does a Quigley 4×4 conversion cost, you might ask? Most Quigley 4×4 conversions cost between $12,000 and $14,000 based on the size and type of van you own. For optional upgrades, such as an added lift or shocks, you'll want to budget an additional $1,000 to $6,000
  4. ed) for reduced shipping costs to dealers in all 50 states and ensures you retain your factory warranty on the unaltered portion.
  5. We anticipate the AWD Ford Transit being sufficient for on-road needs and for use on the occasional forest road, says Brent Hawk, sales director at Quigley Motor Company, a van-conversion.
  6. Modern AWD vs Sprinter 4×4 In contrast with the Sprinter's open center differential, a 2020 Ford Transit can intelligently transfer power where it's needed. It can send 100 percent of available torque to the front wheels or rear wheels, wherever it is needed
  7. ivan segment was red hot. The first domestic vehicle in the class to offer the ability to drive all four wheels was the boxy 1990.

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Van: Ford Transit; Features: Custom options such as full kitchen, pop top with bed, storage, bathroom, etc. VanDoIt specializes on Ford Transit camper van conversions, which includes both 2020 AWD models and Quigley 4×4 conversions. This company offers a modular van build system, with an innovative T-track skeleton for optimal flexibility It is less expensive than the Sprinter, but as of 2020, the All-Wheel Drive Ford Transit only comes in a gas model. The other thing to point out about the new Transit AWD is, unlike the Sprinter where the 4×4 version gets you added clearance, the Ford Transit AWD has no more clearance than the 2wd version We are pertnered with Quigley 4x4 for all our 4x4 upgrades. VanDOit is a Ford Transit adventure van, camper van company. VanDOit up-fit's Ford Transit passenger vans into camper vans to be used for all types of things: van life, hauling cargo, camping, climbing Today at Overland Expo West 2019 we came across Quigley's booth. Just like our last video we did with Outside, Quigley also has a Transit with a build out in..

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As Shown Price. As Shown $37,800 8 Transit 150 Cargo Van Medium Roof Long WB RWD and other optional equipment included. Starting at 1. 2021 Ford Transit Cargo Van Payment Estimator details. Cargo Van Model. for 60601. $35,270. Cargo Van Model. for 60601 Quigley: Ford, GM, and Nissan Full Size Vans and Cut-a-way Chassis(Also Bus, Motorhome, Ambulance, and Utility Vehicles pending weight analysis). Bike rumor: Is it an AWD system, or a true 4WD system with separate off/high/low speed settings? Quigley: The Quigley 4×4 conversion is a true 4WD system with 2H, 4H, 4L, and Neutral settings.

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  1. Today I drive and review a 2020 Ford Transit 350!Ford Inventory: https://www.larryhmillerfordprovo.com/Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkS7i..
  2. Less rugged than Quigley's part-time 4WD with transfer case and low gear, Ford's full-time AWD with selectable drive modes is available on 2020 Transits with gas engines. VanDoIt adds the LIV.
  3. Today we are taking a look at the 2020 Ford Transit! This vehicle has been refreshed for 2020 and it includes a lot of new technology! For the last 40 years..
  4. Ford Transit 4x4. Steppes, sands and stones. Light off road terrain except a crater. Sand deep and very dry. I didn't lower wheels. I added the moments of v..
  5. The Ford Transit Vs Mercedes Sprinter debate was one that I really didn't want to get in to. For the simple reason that they are both great options. BUT there are differences so doing a little homework like you're doing is a smart move. When we were in the market for a van in 2015 we knew one thing for sure, we needed 4-wheel drive
  6. We are running BFGoodrich KO2 LT255/70R16 E (load index: 120) tires right now and this is what we recommend if you want to upgrade to all-terrain, snow-approved tires on your stock Ford Transit van (factory wheels, no body lift). Why we swear by them: The traction in mud and snow is outstanding. It's the largest tire size possible on the stock.
  7. 2021 Ford Transit. Review, Pricing, and Specs. Starting at. $32,840. 9 / 10. Specs. View Photos. Our car experts choose every product we feature. We may earn money from the links on this page

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Quigley 4x4 Ford E-Series Cutaways: The Quigley 4x4 conversion utilizes components standard to the E-Series cutaway chassis or standard Ford components from their F-Series model line. Quigley engineers, designs and manufactures the 4x4 system with as many Ford OE components as possible, for ease of service A Ford Transit van is a joy to drive. Not only is the ride quieter than a Sprinter, but the Transit handles like a sedan! Low maintenance costs. This is a big plus for Ford in the Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter debate. Not only are parts cheap and plentiful, but a Transit can be worked on pretty much anywhere. Highest roof The way I interpret this discussion it's really about does the OP want a full size van in which they can stand up. Both the new AWD Ford Transit and a Quigley 4WD converted Ford Transit offer a tall full size roof van in which you can stand up Ford Transit Quigley vs Sprinter 4x4? We had a 2007 TRD 4x4 TACO and moved into a Chevy AWD van we had Van Specialties upfit. Great move for us as we no longer needed/desired the 4x4 option but wanted a light overlander with bed, bath, & beyond behind the seats. We are currently researching the idea of a Transit LWB-E HR 4x2 with hopes that.

The 2020 Ford Transit campervan is in the first of its class to have AWD capabilities. The 2019 and earlier versions you will only find 2WD. This can limit some harsh weather and off-grid adventures. However, you can always turn a Ford Transit into a 4×4 with a Quigley conversion. DIY Ford Transit Camper Van Conversion versus Custom Conversio RWD vs FWD - The Sprinter van is available in AWD, factory 4x4 (or custom 4x4 by Whitefeather), and standard rear-wheel-drive. The Promaster is only available in front-wheel drive. The Transit is RWD, but can be converted after purchase by Quigley or Quadvan into a 4x4 for an additional US $12,000 The interior skeleton gives modularity to the Van Do It Do model. The Van Do It Do Model. Built on a Ford Transit AWD Passenger Van or Quigley 4WD chassis, what sets the Van Do It Do model apart is the internal aluminum skeleton grid and the resultant modularity. Passenger seats, with factory anchoring and seat belts, can be added or removed, along with Murphy style beds, a kitchen pod.

Ford AWD Transit vs. Mercedes 4×4 Sprinter. Only time will tell if the 2020 AWD Ford Transit will be able to compete with the almighty 4WD Mercedes Sprinter. Right off the bat, it has three. The main reason I'm stoked about the factory Transit AWD option is that it will reduce the crazy long waitlist for quigley or Quadvan conversions, while simultaneously meeting the needs of most. I'm curious to see how the small displacement high boost new diesel compares to my 3.2 L in terms of real world mpg Quigley's still an option then. You can get the medium-roof Cargo Transit with the Diesel for $37K. Quigley's conversion on the Diesel (that retains your factory warranty) is $13,645. So you're looking at about $52K for a 4x4 Diesel Transit Cargo right now. A pretty excellent platform Quigley Motor Company's statement of compliance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's order to close physical businesses statewide. As of August 1, 2019 Quigley will accept orders for USED Transit Vans. Please call 717.266.5631 or email sales.4x4@quigley4x4.com for more information Certainly you could get a Ford Transit and pay Quigley $15 grand to retrofit it with official Ford 4WD but, well, the price tag is probably an issue for most. Vans are mostly delivery vehicles and the like, serious 4WD is an exception so not many on the market. 4WD trucks, meanwhile, basically are everywhere

Transit. Just like Mercedes, Ford took its sweet time to introduce a factory AWD/4×4 Transit to the North American market. But, the 2020 model year brings factory AWD to the Blue Oval's lineup. And, doing so was a smart move with impeccable timing Reputation: 16. #1. 12-28-2019, 10:41 AM. I was toying with the idea of trading in our 2017 Ford F150 4x4 and our 2018 Ford Transit mid roof for a 2020 Ford Transit AWD (with the same 3.5L ecoboost we have now). We are only using the F150 during the winter, the rest of the year it just sits gathering dust, age, and insurance payments Northwest Quadvan. 4x4 Van Conversions for Ford Transits and Econolines. Using factory Ford parts, we convert new and used Ford vans Quigley and a few other companies offer 4x4ish conversions for this platform, and Ford released the AWD model for the 2020 year model which has been offered in Europe for more than a decade. These vans come with a host of size and height options as well and parts are widely available. 4x4 conversion options are limited, and the base price of. Quigley 4x4 Transmission. Quigley 4x4 Transmission. Quigley 4x4 Transmission. 1/7. Quigley 4x4 Transmission. Build time could be affected due to but not limited to availability, third party scheduling, items Vandoit does not control. Talk To A Guru. Why the Ford Transit? FAQ. Follow Us On

Its the 5.3 v8. I love the motor and the power. I've always been a Ford guy, but the chevy was my only real domestic choice in awd. I don't track mileage closely but I think it's probably in the 14-18 mpg range depending on how loaded or how I'm driving. I would love this drivetrain in the transit body. #9 Home. Shop. NEW PRODUCTS. Sprinter 4x4 2019+ Sprinter 2wd 2019+ Sprinter 4x4 2015-2018. Sprinter 2wd 2007-2018. Sprinter 1994-2006. Ford Transit AWD. Ford Transit RW I'm van shopping and leaning towards a Transit, but still not totally against a Promaster. (I hate that it's so hard to find colors besides white, but that's the case for both brands.) I wish Ford offered a 4x4 without the Quigley BS. That seems like a rude way to treat buyers. So, the Promaster has Fwd which is obviously better in snow than Rwd

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2011 Chevy Express G3500 Quigley 4X4 Cargo Van, 233,151 Original 1 Owner Miles on the odometer.GM 6.0L Liter V8 Vortec L20 Engine. Generation III small block 364 cubic inch V8 truck engine, Auto, A/C, Ladder Racks, Bulkhead, Full. Premium. 2020 Ford TRANSIT Private Seller - 590 mi. away. $173,000 500 miles. Premium. 2021 Ford TRANSIT AWD Private Seller - 643 mi. away. $65,000 8,800 miles. Premium. 2020 Ford TRANSIT STEALTH CAMPERVAN Private Seller - 675 mi. away. $112,000 37,995 miles 2021 Ford Transit Chassis Waconia, MNFord Transit Chassis T-250 RWD SRW 138 WB 9000 GVWRImage GalleryMSRP $31,700School Bus YellowFord Transit Chassis2021 TrimsTransit Chassis T-250 RWD SRW 138 WB 9000 GVWRMSRP $31,700Transit Chassis T-250 RWD SRW 156 WB 9000 GVWRMSRP $32,200Transit Chassis T-350 RWD SRW 138 WB 9500 GVWRMSRP $32,475Transit Chassis T-350 RWD SRW 156 WB Today, Ford RVs Transit line, as well as class A and class C vehicles built on Ford RV chassis by partner organizations account for a large number of RVs on the road today. Through a number of partnerships with well-known RV distributors, Ford RV chassis are the base for many of the most popular brands seen throughout RV parks nationwide Transit Off-Road has developed an easily-installed, modification-free lift kit for all 2015 and newer Ford Transit vans. The modified control arm, spacer & block combination provides a full 2 inches of lift. Combine the kit with bigger tires and adding 3 inches of ride height over stock is easily achievable

2021 Ford Transit-350, 3D Cargo Van, Recent Arrival! 2021 Ford Transit-350 V6 10-Speed Automatic with Overdrive AWD McGovern Ford is very proud to of... McGovern Ford - Website Lowell, MA - 406 mi. awa 2021 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Edina, MNFord Transit Passenger Wagon T-150 130 Low Roof XL RWDImage GalleryEXTERIORINTERIORMSRP $41,695Kapoor Red MetallicFord Transit Passenger Wagon2021 TrimsTransit Passenger Wagon T-150 130 Low Roof XL RWDMSRP $41,695Transit Passenger Wagon T-350 148 Low Roof XL RWDMSRP $41,695Transit Passenger Wagon T-150 130 Med Roof XL RWDMSRP $43,145Transit.

2021 Ford Transit Crew Van Hutchinson, MNFord Transit Crew Van T-150 130 Low Rf 8670 GVWR RWDImage GalleryEXTERIORINTERIORMSRP $37,380Kapoor Red MetallicFord Transit Crew Van2021 TrimsTransit Crew Van T-150 130 Low Rf 8670 GVWR RWDMSRP $37,380Transit Crew Van T-250 130 Low Rf 9070 GVWR RWDMSRP $38,330Transit Crew Van T-150 130 Med Rf 8670 GVWR RWDMSRP $38,530Transit [ Why the Ford Transit? FAQ. Follow Us On. 2925 NW State Hwy 7. Blue Springs, MO 64014. P: 816-944-2229. 2021 Ford Bronco Power & Handling. The Bronco runs off a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that delivers 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque aan nd comes standard with 8-speed automatic transmission.The Bronco comes standard with all-wheel drive, but it has the option to be outfitted with four-wheel drive if you are looking for more traction and control while off-roading 2021 Ford Transit Cargo Van Maple Grove, MNFord Transit Cargo Van T-150 130 Low Rf 8670 GVWR RWDImage GalleryEXTERIORINTERIORMSRP $35,020Ingot Silver MetallicFord Transit Cargo Van2021 TrimsTransit Cargo Van T-150 130 Low Rf 8670 GVWR RWDMSRP $35,020Transit Cargo Van T-250 130 Low Rf 9070 GVWR RWDMSRP $35,970Transit Cargo Van T-150 130 Med Rf 8670 GVWR RWDMSRP [ The weigted average price for a used Ford 4x4 camper van is $32,909. The weighted average price reduces all the prices down to one single price. For each month we recalculate the weighted average price for the products found with query 'Ford 4x4 camper van' between price range 500 - 150000

Mini Bike pair with extras for sale $1,300 (Van Nuys) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $14,750 . 2019 Ford Transit 350 XLT 15 Passenger Van--QUIGLEY 4WD CONVERSION $48,644 (bal > Vans Of Great Bridge/Chesapeake Virginia) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting $13,588 VanDOit up-fit's Ford Transit passenger vans. 1995 Ford E350 4X4 CUSTOM 127,000 miles 7.3 Diesel Ford 4x4 Ambulance For Sale!!This is a very rare camping vehicle that turns heads when out on the road and trail

Find New Ford Transit 250 Cars for Sale by Year. 2021 Ford Transit 250 For Sale. 300 for sale starting at $36,838. 2020 Ford Transit 250 For Sale. 31 for sale starting at $36,294. 2019 Ford Transit 250 For Sale. 6 for sale starting at $36,985. 2018 Ford Transit 250 For Sale. 5 for sale starting at $34,182 2021 Ford Transit Chassis OverviewFord Transit Chassis T-250 RWD SRW 138 WB 9000 GVWRImage GalleryMSRP $31,700School Bus YellowFord Transit Chassis2021 TrimsTransit Chassis T-250 RWD SRW 138 WB 9000 GVWRMSRP $31,700Transit Chassis T-250 RWD SRW 156 WB 9000 GVWRMSRP $32,200Transit Chassis T-350 RWD SRW 138 WB 9500 GVWRMSRP $32,475Transit Chassis T-350 RWD SRW 156 WB 9500 [ The forced move and growing customer list inspired Derek's decision to set up shop in a larger Loveland shop, which lasted until 2016 when CCV outgrew even that space. Colorado Camper Van now operates in a 14,000 sq. ft. Loveland, CO warehouse, far from its beginnings, but staying true to its homegrown roots Show/Expo Van Available for Liquidation Soon. Price: Call for Pricing and Availability . Year: 2017 Make: Ford Model: Transit T350 XLT Color: White Roof Height: High Roof Engine: 3.7 Ti-VCT V6 Engine Mileage: 33,939 Stock Number: 40347 VIN: 1FBAX2XM7HKB08396 AIR COMPRESSO 2010 FORD E250 Cargo Van. 80,000 miles. 2010 Ford E250 Cargo Van Stock #1933, automatic, propane gas, only 80,000 miles, ready to work. Priced to sell $9,500.00. call us for more info... Super Trucks

Bij viaBOVAG.nl Hebben Alle Auto's Garantie. All-in Prijzen en 14 dagen Omruilgarantie. Ga voor zekerheid. Vind je Auto bij viaBOVAG.nl. Boek Online je Proefrit Am now researching vans again with hopes of getting a mid height Transit sometime next year. The plan was to replace the Express AWD with the upcoming Transit AWD, but someone has pointed out to me that the cost of that is comparable to a low mileage used Transit and a Quigley 4x4 conversion Pros and cons of the Sprinter 4×4 Mode versus the Ford Transit 4×4 Mode? Do you know if Storyteller is going to build the Quigley 4×4 Mode or are they going with the Ford Transit all wheel drive Mode? With my research on Class B RVs by other companies, I am concerned with the Sprinter diesel performance in the cold and high altitude

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An all-wheel-drive system that does not increase the vans height, is now available with gas engines. It will always be on to provide better traction for the front wheels on slippery and muddy roads. The driver has 5 driving modes to select from. Standard Engine: Gas 3.5L V6 | New Options: Gas 3.5L PDF V6 • Diesel 2.0L Eco Blue Bi-Turbo I4 The Transit Vs. the Expedition EL; same engine, same tranny, same wheel base, same front end. The differences are; seats 12 with easier access to the back vs. seats 7 or 8 with very limited access to the back seat. I'm thinking the Quigley passenger van will hold it's value better as well The Sprinter comes as a factory 4x4, while the Transit requires an aftermarket Quigley 4x4. Ford recently announced the upcoming addition of a Transit AWD, so it'll be interesting to see if shops.

Ford Transit. The Ford Transit's height inside its high-roof version is 81.5 inches. (Photo: Ford) The Ford Transit is the F-150 of Europe. For decades it has been the vehicle that gets goods. 2021 Ford Transit AWD . Explorer Limited SE-VC. Was-Priced: $91,294. Is-Priced: $75,995. Enjoy the Ride! Hi-Top conversion vans (also known as raised roof custom luxury conversion vans) offer a great look, extra headroom & 29 HD TV's. Check out our inventory of Hi-Tops I was toying with the idea of trading in our 2017 Ford F150 4x4 and our 2018 Ford Transit mid roof for a 2020 Ford Transit AWD (with the same 3.5L ecoboost we have now). We are only using the F150 during the winter, the rest of the year it just sits gathering dust, age, and insurance payments

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Ford Transit 4×4 Conversions. We are currently in the final stages of development and testing of a true Do-It-Yourself 4×4 conversion for the Ford Transit. Our conversions will use a combination of modern F150 components, off-the-shelf aftermarket components and a minimum of custom made parts. While we are striving to finish the. Home; Blog; Forums; Gatherings; Store; Find a Campsite. Arizona. Moving Camp to Cottonwood, A Ford. Of the current Transit's three engine choices, just one—the twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 with 310 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque—remains onboard for 2020. The base 3.7-liter V. The idea of an off-road focused van is nothing new, with the folks at Quigley proving that the idea is viable, with their popular conversions for models like the Chevrolet Express, Nissan NV, and yes, even the Ford Transit. Furthermore, the all-wheel drive system is already offered on Transits sold here, so that would remove a hurdle in the.

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Transit Travel & Camper Examples. Ford Transit Low Roof - Penthouse top option available for Low Roof RB and EB Transits. Conversions for Sprinters can usually be adapted to the Transit and ProMaster vans. Some items shown may be additional cost options — such as awnings, running boards, microwaves, and larger refrigerators Real world mpg numbers of the MB 3.0 diesel 4x4 vs the 3.5 eco-boost(AWD) are about the same(avg 17mpg). Not sure how mush of an additional performance hit the 3.5 gasser will take with a true 4x4 conversion, if any. No doubt tco will be much lower on the Ford What is the smallest Ford Transit? The 2021 Ford Transit Connect may be for you if you're looking for a small cargo or passenger van. Compared to Ford's full-size Transit van, the Transit Connect is less expensive, easier to park and more fuel-efficient. It's similar in concept to rival vans such as the Mercedes-Benz Metris [ 2020 Ford Transit 350 Crew AWD High-Roof 3.5TT. VEHICLE TYPE front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 3-door van. PRICE AS TESTED $55,515 (base price: $51,380) ENGINE TYP

The average price paid for a new Used 2019 Ford Transit Van 350 Low Roof 3dr Van w/148 WB, Sliding Passenger Side Door (3.7L 6cyl 6A) is trending $2,266 below the manufacturer's MSRP. Edmunds. Quigley 4x4 - cjc.bookingmyweb.it Quigley 4x E Series 4x4 Conversion. The kits below are our most popular conversions. Please include your vans year, engine, desired lift height and whether you're looking for a DIY kit or a turn-key swap here at our shop in North Carolina. We can put a kit together for any 92 to current E series chassis The 2021 Winnebago Ekko rides on the new all-wheel-drive Ford Transit that packs the automaker's 310-horsepower (231-kilowatt) 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that pairs with a 10-speed automatic. It's.

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Save $25,921 on a 2020 Ford Transit Cargo 350 Extended High Roof LWB AWD with Sliding Passenger-Side Door near you. Search over 3,000 listings to find the best local deals. We analyze millions of used cars daily OTHER EXAMPLES - With a typical Sportsmobile Conversion & Options. Plus TT&L in your state. LB (Long Body) High Roof. Gross Total $104,600. EB (Regular Body) High Roof. $102,200. RB (Regular Body) Low Roof. $92,000. If you included a Penthouse Top, bed, and power add Transit EB (Extended Body) Low roof van with Penthouse Top (o) The Sprinter Standard RB plans below are also available for the EB Transit. There's only 1″ difference in the vans floor length. The van interior widths are the same 69″. See Van Dimensions. LB (Long Body Van) conversion length is 154″. That's 30″ more than the Transit EB ALPHA Van:The Ultimate Overland Ford E-350 4X4. Long before the overland trend took hold, Ujoint Offroad was building 4×4 vans capable of conquering on- and off-highway adventures. We have over ten years of builds and hundreds of Ford E-series vans to fit each customer's specific needs. DrivingLine found out about our new Alpha Van build and.

2021 Ford Transit Cutaway Shakopee, MNFord Transit Cutaway T-250 RWD SRW 138 WB 9000 GVWRImage GalleryMSRP $31,145Carbonized Gray MetallicFord Transit Cutaway2021 TrimsTransit Cutaway T-250 RWD SRW 138 WB 9000 GVWRMSRP $31,145Transit Cutaway T-250 RWD SRW 156 WB 9000 GVWRMSRP $31,640Transit Cutaway T-350 RWD SRW 138 WB 9500 GVWRMSRP $31,915Transit Cutaway T-350 RWD SRW 156 WB [ Verdict. While four-wheel drive is a bit of a niche option on the Ford Transit, it's the perfect fit in the new Trail trim.The chunkier looks complement the Transit AWD's off-road ability, and it. I'm pretty sure Quigley did the IFS GM van before GM by a year or two. The AWD GM full sized van was only offered in a 1/2 ton (presumably because they used the Astro/Safari transfer case) and they dropped all half tons this year, including the AWD version. That would have been the preferred option if it was still available

Transit Passenger Wagon T-350 HD 148 EL High Roof XLT DRW AWD. MSRP $54,340. Ford Transit Passenger Wagon T-150 130 Low Roof XL RWD Standard Equipment. Mechanical. QUIGLEY MOTORS (31H) SHIP-THRU: ADRIAN STEEL (31V) SHIP-THRU: MONROE TRUCK EQUIPMENT (31C) Ford Transit Passenger Wagon T-150 130 Low Roof XL RWD Technical Specifications. June 1 - June 30 - Ford Incentives & Offers. From June 1 through June 30, Ford is offering a $500 Consumer Cash Rebate along with a $1,000 Competitive Vehicle Rebate on all 2021 Ford Transit Explorer Vans. Dealer participation may vary, pleas.. The 2021 Transit comes standard with 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, stability control with rollover prevention technology, and side wind stabilization. Plus driver, front passenger, side curtain, and thorax airbags. The standard Ford Co-Pilot360 array of safety technologies includes forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, post-collision braking. Welcome to Our Service Department. At Newberg Ford, our highly qualified technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. From oil changes to transmission replacements, we are dedicated to maintaining top tier customer service, for both new and pre-owned car buyers! Allow our staff to demonstrate our commitment to excellence