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Preauricular lymphadenopathy Preauricular nodes drain the conjunctivae, skin of the cheek, eyelids, and temporal region of the scalp and rarely are palpable in healthy children. The oculoglandular.. When you have a swollen preauricular lymph node, it can indicate inflammation or infection that is causing fluid buildup. When a lymph node is fighting inflammation or infection in the area, it can become enlarged and may be tender. A swollen preauricular lymph node will result in a lump in front of the ear that may be painful Possible causes of swollen preauricular lymph nodes include otitis externa, salivary gland infections, or viral conjunctivitis. Otitis externa, or swimmer's ear, is a condition that causes.. Although the finding of lymphadenopathy generally raises fears about severe illness, it is, in sufferers seen in main care settings, often a result of benign infectious causes. Possible causes of swollen preauricular lymph nodes include otitis externa, salivary gland infections, or viral conjunctivitis

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  1. Lymph nodes taste the lymph for anything bad like bacteria/ viruses / cancers, etc. When it detects a problem, it alerts the immune system and your body reacts. They enlarge in response to the inflammation they create when they react. They shrink when all is well. 4.9k views Reviewed >2 years ago
  2. Lymph glands found in front of the ear are called preauricular lymph nodes, which drain lymph from around the eyes, cheeks, and scalp near the temples. A condition called oculoglandular syndrome caused by Chlamydia trachomatis or adenovirus includes severe conjunctivitis, eyelid swelling, corneal ulcer, and swelling of preauricular lymph nodes
  3. Head and neck lymphadenopathy can be classified as submental, submandibular, anterior or posterior cervical, preauricular, and supraclavicular. 9 Infection is a common cause of head and cervical..
  4. Supraclavicular lymphadenopathy has the highest risk of malignancy, estimated as 90 percent in patients older than 40 years and 25 percent in those younger than age 40. 4 Having the patient perform..

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What It Means If Your Preauricular Lymph Node Is Swollen or Painful Responses should be considered general in nature, and not specific to any one person; consequently, they are not to be construed as specific medical advice and do not create a doctor/patient relationship Lymphadenitis is an infection in one or more lymph nodes. When lymph nodes become infected, it's usually because an infection started somewhere else in your body. Lymphadenitis can cause lymph nodes to become enlarged, red, or tender. Treatment may include antibiotics, and medications to control pain and fever

Most lymphadenopathy is due to benign self-limited disease, such as viral or bacterial infection Lymph nodes < 1cm are normal in children aged < 12 years. Axillary nodes up to 1 cm and inguinal nodes up to 1.5 cm also usually normal A large right preauricular lymphadenopathy with necrotic remodeling was visible on the CT-scan. Lymph fluid B. henselae PCR was positive. Positive outcome occurs after surgical drainage and short azithromycin treatment

Lymph Node Group Region Drained by Lymph Nodes Head and Neck Occipital Posterior scalp Postauricular Temporal and parietal scalp Preauricular Anterior and temporal scalp, anterior ear canal and pinna, conjunctiva Parotid Forehead and temporal scalp, midface, external ear canal, middle ear, gums, parotid glan Cervical lymphadenopathy - Enlarged lymph node(s) of the neck, including preauricular, parotid, jugulodigastric, submental, submandibular, posterior cervical, superficial cervical, deep cervical, occipital, and posterior auricular (mastoid) ; lymphadenopathy encompasses both inflamed and noninflamed lymph node Lymphadenopathy resolved gradually until complete disappearance after 30 days. The second dose was given on the contralateral right arm, and the patient experienced slight pain at the injection site for several hours with no further side effects. Figure 1 (a) Focal swelling in the left infraclavicular area that prompted the study (arrow).. This video shows a 3 year old male with bilateral preauricular lymphadenitis that is most likely due to a non specific viral illness

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Swollen lymph nodes are much more likely to be caused by infections or a disease that affects your immune system. Find out when you should see a doctor and how cancer gets diagnosed preauricular lymph nodes enlarged, preauricular lymphadenopathy, enlarged preauricular lymph nodes (physical finding), enlarged preauricular lymph nodes: Sources: Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System) Submental lymphadenopathy (disorder) Concepts: Pathologic Function (T046) SnomedCT. preauricular lymph node swollen. has been at least 6yrs. pain at first not since though. biopsy 6yrs ago showed nothing. no resolution. just concerned? Dr. Ed Friedlander answered. 44 years experience Pathology. Stop worrying: You're probably feeling a node with some scar tissue. Almost everybody has one or more such nodes somewhere

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What are the preauricular lymph nodes? The PLNs are a group of lymph nodes that sit just in front of the ears. These lymph nodes filter lymph fluid as it arrives from the scalp, neck, and various parts of the face. The human body contains about 600 small glands called lymph nodes that play an essential role in the function of the immune system What Is the Cause of My Preauricular Lymph Node to Swell? The cause of my preauricular lymph node to swell is not known. There are many theories and hypotheses. Some say it could be due to the following: A tumor or cancer. An infection (like herpes simplex virus) Infection with bacteria (like strep throat) or viruses (such as Epstein Barr Virus A superficial mass in the salivary gland may suggest lymphadenitis, preauricular cyst, sebaceous cyst or extraparotid tumour. A mass inside the salivary gland may be a benign or malignant neoplasia or an intraparotid adenopathy. The clinical symptoms of malignant tumours include rapid growth, facial nerve palsy, petrous texture and pain.. 3 Responses. Infection would be the most common cause of swollen lymph nodes. In the preauricular area, things like an upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis and ear infection can enlarge these nodes. Of course, things like HIV and cancer is always possible, but less likely than infection. I would treat any source of infection

Preauricular lymph node swollen for 7 months. An x-ray measures it at 0.8cm. I have eczema in the ear in both ears for atleast 8 months. Initially the node was very tender to touch and i had a lot of facial pain; my cheek felt puffy as well but no visual puffiness Swollen preauricular lymph node. In March of 2020, I got a heart cath. It no big deal, came. In March of 2020, I got a heart cath. It no big deal, came back clear. In July, my groin (where the heart cath was) starting bothering me. 4 days later, read more Brief Answer: Fine needle aspiration cytology of lymph node. Detailed Answer: Hi, I had gone through your question and understand your concerns. I would like to ask some more questions related to your swelling (lymph node) , like tenderness of node. Normally, pre auricular lymphnodes drains eye.. BOSTON - Swollen lymph nodes can be a normal and expected side effect after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, doctors say — and many are working to spread the word in an effort to ease patients. A bacterial or viral infection can cause preauricular lymph node enlargement. These lymph nodes are located directly in front of the ears. Enlarged lymph nodes can also be a sign of cancer or immune system disorders, according to WebMD. Enlarged lymph nodes that are tender to the touch and feel warm often indicate an infection, while lymph.

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lump on preauricular lymph node. 31 May 2020 15:00 in response to sophia11. Hi Sophia and welcome to the forum. As you've noticed a change that isn't normal for you, you should contact your doctor. Even if you're worried about what the symptom might be, or about getting coronavirus don't delay contacting them Lymph Node In Front Of Ear. The preauricular lymph nodes are the ones located just in front of your ears. They drain lymph fluid from the eyes, cheeks, and the scalp near your temples. Generally, lymph nodes swell in only one area of the body at a time (localized lymphadenopathy). The problem, such as an infection, can usually be found nearby. Lymph nodes can swell due to a variety of reasons. The most common however is due to infections in the body such as common cold, flu, and stomach flu. Other diseases that can lead to lymphadenitis are; HIV, inflammatory diseases, typhoid, cat scratch disease, and sexually transmitted diseases The group of lymph nodes found in front of the ears is known as preauricular nodes, while the group found behind the ears are the posterior auricular lymph nodes. Causes of Enlarged Lymph Nodes In general, lymph nodes enlarge when our body is fighting an infection, which can be localized or systemic Preauricular lymph nodes: What to know. Medically reviewed by Elaine K. Luo, M.D. The preauricular lymph nodes sit just in front of the ears. Some medical problems, such as infections, can cause.

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I have discovered a hard pea sized lump where my preauricular lymph node is, in front of my ear. It has been there about 6 months now but more recently is has become more prominent that a friend noticed it. I was ill was glandular fever about 12 months ago otherwise I am a fit and healthy 43 year old swollen preauricular lymph - MedHelp's swollen preauricular lymph Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for swollen preauricular lymph. Find swollen preauricular lymph information, treatments for swollen preauricular lymph and swollen preauricular lymph symptoms Tuberculous lymphadenitis is the most common manifestation of extrapulmonary TB with cervical nodes most commonly involved, although inguinal, mesenteric, and mediastinal nodes may also be involved. 58, 59 Tuberculous lymphadenitis often affects HIV-seronegative children and young adults, 60, 61 but in countries with high HIV prevalence is most. The preauricular lymph nodes are the ones located just in front of your ears. They drain lymph fluid from the eyes, cheeks, and the scalp near your temples. Generally, lymph nodes swell in only one area of the body at a time (localized lymphadenopathy). The problem, such as an infection, can usually be found nearby 1. Alison M. Friedmann, MD, MSc* 1. *Department of Hematology/Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Mass After completing this article, readers should be able to: 1. Define lymphadenopathy. 2. Develop a systematic approach to the evaluation and management of lymphadenopathy. 3. Discuss the differential diagnosis of localized and generalized lymphadenopathy

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Lymphadenitis is when one or more of your lymph nodes is enlarged, which is usually due to an infection. The main symptom of lymphadenitis is enlarged or swollen lymph nodes. Other common symptoms include hard lymph nodes, redness and tenderness of the skin over the nodes and lymph nodes filled with pus Preauricular lymphadenopathy: Preauricular nodes drain the conjunctivae, skin of the cheek, eyelids, and temporal region of the scalp and rarely are palpable in healthy children. The oculoglandular syndrome consists of severe conjunctivitis, corneal ulceration, eyelid edema, and ipsilateral preauricular lymphadenopathy Cervical lymphadenopathy is very common in childhood, although less common in infants under 1 year of age. Many normal children have palpable cervical lymph nodes that are not associated with infection or a systemic illness. In children over 1 year of age, normal cervical lymph nodes can measure up to 10 mm, whereas the upper limit of normal in. small lymph nodes located deep to the parotid fascia and in front of the ear

Secondary malignant neoplasm of preauricular lymph nodes (94501001); Metastatic malignant neoplasm to preauricular lymph nodes (94501001) Recent clinical studies. Etiology. Implications of Sentinel Lymph Node Drainage to Multiple Basins in Head and Neck Melanoma Lymphadenitis and Lymphangitis, Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases. 7th ed. 2010. Chapter 92. Carvalho AC, Codecasa L, Pinsi G, Ferrarese M, Fornabaio C, Bergamaschi V. Differential diagnosis of cervical mycobacterial lymphadenitis in children. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2010 Jul. 29(7):629-33. Conjunctivitis & Preauricular-adenopathy Symptom Checker: Possible causes include Blepharitis. Check the full list of possible causes and conditions now! Talk to our Chatbot to narrow down your search Lymphadenopathy & Preauricular Swelling Symptom Checker: Possible causes include Sialadenitis. Check the full list of possible causes and conditions now! Talk to our Chatbot to narrow down your search

Purpose: To compare surgical excision with surgical curettage in the treatment of nontuberculous mycobacterial (NMT) cervicofacial lymphadenitis in children. Patients and methods: Fifty children, 22 boys and 28 girls, with a PCR- or cultured-confirmed diagnosis of cervicofacial NTM infection were included in the study. Twenty-five children were randomized to surgical excision of the involved. Lymphadenopathy is when the lymph nodes begin to swell as the body fights off infections. Children are constantly exposed to various new infections and antigens, which mean that their lymph nodes are bigger than that of an adult. Swollen lymph nodes are sometimes referred to as swollen glands Preauricular lymphadenopathy Treatment Suppurative Warm or cool compresses from NURS 629 at Maryville Universit Lymphadenopathy or adenopathy is a disease of the lymph nodes, in which they are abnormal in size or consistency.Lymphadenopathy of an inflammatory type (the most common type) is lymphadenitis, producing swollen or enlarged lymph nodes. In clinical practice, the distinction between lymphadenopathy and lymphadenitis is rarely made and the words are usually treated as synonymous Purpose. Traditional descriptions of lymphatic drainage show eyelids emptying into the submandibular or preauricular basin. However recent studies based on in vivo lymphatic imaging show a possible predilection for the preauricular basin. We describe lymphoscintigraphy and report findings in patients with eyelid malignancies undergoing sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB)

Lymph Node Assessment. Where are the Preauricular lymph nodes located? two are located on each side just in front of the ear. Where are the Parotid Lymph nodes located? Four are located just below the Preauricular lymph nodes-at upper jaw/below the ear 1. Size: lymph node size varies according to their location. For example, inguinal lymph nodes may be as large as 2 cm in healthy individuals. The significance of enlarged lymph nodes must be viewed in the context of their location, duration and associated symptoms, and the age and gender of the patient. As a general rule, lymp preauricular: [ pre″aw-rik´u-ler ] in front of the auricle of the ear

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  1. The supraclavicular lymph node. Right supraclavicular lymph node enlargement. The right supraclavicular lymph node is located on the right side in the hollow above the clavicle, just lateral to where it joins the sternum. It drains the mediastinum, lungs, esophagus. Common causes of enlargement include lung, retroperitoneal or gastrointestinal.
  2. es the inflamed node and palpates it. Feeling revealed not only the degree of increase, but also the level of pain of the patient
  3. Depending on the cause of your swollen lymph nodes, other signs and symptoms you might have include: Runny nose, sore throat, fever and other indications of an upper respiratory infection. General swelling of lymph nodes throughout your body. When this occurs, it may indicate an infection, such as HIV or mononucleosis, or an immune system.
  4. Lymphadenopathy is an acute or chronic abnormal state of either size or consistency of the lymph nodes; it is a response to infection, inflammation, or malignancy. The body has approximately 600 lymph nodes, but only those in the submandibular, axillary or inguinal regions are normally palpable in healthy individuals

If there is suspected upper airway obstruction with symptoms such as stridor, signs of superior vena cava obstruction, or dysphagia with aspiration:. Arrange emergency hospital admission. If there is a suspected infective cause for lymphadenopathy:. If there is a suspected viral upper respiratory tract infection, arrange medical review if the person becomes systemically unwell, or.

The preauricular deep parotid lymph nodes (anterior auricular glands or preauricular glands), from one to three in number, lie immediately in front of the tragus.. Their afferents drain multiple surfaces, most of which are lateral in origin. A specific example would be the lateral portions of the eye's bulbar and palpebral conjunctiva as well as the skin adjacent to the ear within the temporal. preauricular lymph nodes. 1. 9 terms. ellen_wickers. Lymph nodes in head and neck location. Buccal nodes. Sub-Mandibular nodes. Sub-mental nodes. Post-Auricular nodes. These are in the cheek area next to the buccinators. These are underneath the mandible. These are underneath the lower lip and chin Nontender cervical lymphadenopathy and tender, enlarged preauricular adenopathy may be present. [odlarmed.com] is an acute and highly infectious illness characterized by fever, pharyngitis, acute follicular conjunctivitis, and regional lymphoid hyperplasia with tender, enlarged preauricular [emedicine.medscape.com For over 3 weeks I have had swollen preauricular lymph nodes, swollen glands on my neck, an awful snotty nose that just leaks constantly and a cough. I get a sharp shooting pain in my ears but it's not frequent and it is over in seconds. I feel so drained and tired now. I've had this for 3 weeks now and ive had enough Organisms Chromosomes Start Stop.

Sudden swollen preauricular lymph node - healthy 19yo F - is it serious? Just about an hour ago, I noticed that my preauricular lymph node on my left side only was swollen, and the more I examined it, the more painful it felt. It was definitely not there earlier in the evening. It is about 1.5cm large, and hard underneath the surface of my skin. A preauricular lymph node is unusual in bacterial conjunctivitis but can be present in severe conjunctivitis caused by N gonorrhoeae.This key finding is also strongly associated with viral ocular.

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Preauricular pits are also known as preauricular cysts, fissures, or sinuses. A pit is essentially a sinus tract traveling under the skin that doesn't belong there; it's marked by a tiny opening to the tract, right in front of the ear and above the ear canal. In atypical cases, the opening appears below the ear canal, closer to the lobe Anxiety and stress about my lymph nodes. I initially considered just riding it out which I think many of us do. But, given the times and the risk, I have decided to call for an appointment and go from there. I think continuing to worry and stress is likely as bad as the issue itself Best answers. 0. Jun 16, 2011. #1. Anyone have any feedback on a parotid lymph node biopsy? Surgeon did a preauricular incision from the upper part of the ear all the way down towards the earlobe. Skin and subcutaneous tissue were divided by sharp dissection, he then raised a preparotid fascial flap and found the lymph nodes deep in the parotid. Another viral infection that can cause your occipital lymph nodes to become enlarged is mononucleosis. Dr. Burke Cunha on Medscape says that infectious mononucleosis causes the occipital and preauricular nodes to swell. 8 This infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus causes glands in your neck to become swollen and also gives you a sore throat. You may also experience fatigue, white patches.

The swelling in the armpit was a recognized side effect in the large trials of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. In Moderna's study, 11.6 percent of patients reported swollen lymph nodes. Facial Lymph nodes are divided into three groups - Infaorbital or Maxillary Lymph nodes, Mandibular lymph nodes and buccinator lymph nodes. From these groups the lymph nodes which are relevant to oral cavity are preauricular, submandibular, submental and cervical lymph nodes. How to palpate and Examine Head and Neck Lymphnode


According to the CDC's report, these lumps typically appear two to four days after your vaccination, but only last about one to two days. Based on the CDC's findings, this vaccine side effect is quite rare. Reports of lymphadenopathy were imbalanced with 1.1 percent of persons in the vaccine group and 0.6 percent in the placebo group reporting. Tender and palpable lymph nodes may be present in the periauricular and preauricular areas. Treatment includes the use of ototopical antibiotic drops, those being fluoroquinolones (e.g., ofloxacin [Floxin Otic] and ciprofloxacin [Cipro HC Otic, Ciprodex Otic]), polymyxin B and neomycin combinations (e.g., Cortisporin Otic), and aminoglycosides.

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Lymphadenopathy is the term for swelling of the lymph nodes — the bean-shaped organs found in the underarm, groin, neck, chest and abdomen that act as filters for the lymph fluid as it circulates through the body. Lymphadenopathy can occur in just one area of the body such as the neck, or it may be generalized with lymph node enlargement in. Excision of Preauricular Sinuses. Preauricular sinuses are common congenital malformations. They affect men and women with equal frequency and they can be unilateral or bilateral. A preauricular sinus appears as a very small pit just in front of the external ear (see figure 1). Most people with preauricular sinuses are completely asymptomatic

Classically, preauricular lymphadenopathy can be palpated. Symptoms usually begin and predominate in one eye, and within a few days, have spread to the contralateral eye. A history of antecedent upper respiratory tract infection or close contact with someone with a red eye is common Media Contact. Cleveland Clinic News Service. 216.444.0141. We're available to shoot custom interviews & b-roll for media outlets upon request. CLEVELAND - If you've received a COVID-19 vaccine, you may have noticed some swollen lymph nodes. Believe it or not, that's actually a good sign. Laura Dean, MD, a breast cancer specialist with. The left preauricular mass is beneath the skin and not a bony tumor. The considerations on the tissue or organ of origin are now trimmed down to the following: 1. Soft tissue. 2. Parotid. 3. Lymph node At this point, after finishing inspection and palpation of the left preauricular mass, I have gotten the following data

Head And Neck Lymph Node Location. In this image, you will find preauricular lymph node, parotid lymph node, tonsillar lymph node, jugulodigastric lymph node, submental lymph node, lower lip, floor of mouth, apex of tongue, submandibular lymph node, cheek, side of nose, lower lip, gums, anterior tongue in Head and neck lymph node location Cervical Lymphadenopathy - Lymph Node Drainage Preauricular nodes - Drain scalp, skin • Differential diagnosis: Scalp infections, mycobacterial infection • Malignancies: Skin neoplasm, lymphomas, head and neck squamous cell carcinomas Posterior cervical nodes - Drain scalp, neck, upper thoracic skin • Differential diagnosis: Same as preauricular nodes Supraclavicular nodes - Drain. Terminology. Lymphadenopathy (or adenopathy) is, if anything, a broader term, referring to any pathology of lymph nodes, not necessarily resulting in increased size; this includes abnormal number of nodes or derangement of internal architecture (e.g. cystic or necrotic nodes).In addition, increase in size is not always pathologic; some nodes are bigger than others normally (e.g compare. An infection, especially a viral infection such as a run-of-the-mill cold, is the most common cause of swollen lymph nodes. 1 Other causes of swollen lymph nodes include: Strep throat. Mononucleosis. Upper respiratory infection. Ear infections A preauricular pit—also referred to as a preauricular sinus or fistula—is a tiny, abnormal hole in front of the ear. It may appear more like a dimple or a piercing in an odd place. A preauricular pit occurs as a result of fusion problems during the sixth week of gestation, when the ear is developing. Laura Porter / Verywell

Common Sites For Swollen Lymph Nodes. Lymph nodes can be found throughout the body. They are located underneath the skin in many areas like the armpits, either sides of the neck and groin, under the jaw, above the collarbone, etc. 3 The glands in the armpit are known as axillary lymph nodes. An injury or infection to the arm or hand are likely to be the cause for these nodes to swell Lymph nodes (or glands), are small masses of tissue that can be found throughout the body. They play an integral part in the functioning of the immune system, acting as filters for the blood, and as storage places for white blood cells. Consequently, they are often the first indicators of disease in the tissues

Preauricular deep parotid lymph nodes: | | | |Preauricular deep parotid lymph nodes| | | | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online. The clinical findings seen in chlamydial conjunctivitis may also resemble other forms of infectious conjunctivitis. On clinical examination, patients may have palpable lymphadenopathy, particularly involving the preauricular nodes. Anterior segment examination often reveals mucous discharge, conjunctival hyperemia, and chemosis http://www.NoseSinus.comDr Kevin Soh, 3 Mount Elizabeth, #07-02, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510https://www.google.com.sg/maps/place/Dr+Kevi..

Clinical approach fever +lymphadenopathy. Cervical lymphadenopathy: Cervical lymphadenopathy is a common problem in children. [11] Cervical nodes drain the tongue, external ear, parotid gland, and deeper structures of the neck, including the larynx, thyroid, and trachea. Inflammation or direct infection of these areas causes subsequent. The definition of lymphadenopathy is the enlargement of the lymph nodes anywhere in your body. The lymph nodes are a part of the immune system where immune cells mature to fight infections and other foreign substances. Swollen lymph nodes often indicate an infection or disease that affects the tissues Parinaud oculoglandular syndrome is an eye problem that is similar to conjunctivitis (pink eye). It most often affects only one eye. It occurs with swollen lymph nodes and an illness with a fever.. Note: Parinaud syndrome (also called upgaze paresis) is a different disorder in which you have trouble looking upward Examine groups of cervical nodes systemically. Knowledge of grouping and location of cervical lymph nodes is necessary. For palpation of preauricular nodes, roll your finger in front of the ear, against the maxilla.; Sub occipital lymph nodes are palpable immediately behind the ear.; Posterior cervical nodes are behind sternomastoid and in front of Trapezius

Preauricular lymph nodes. The preauricular deep parotid lymph nodes, which are about one to three in digits, rest immediately in front of the tragus. Tonsillar or Submandibular lymph nodes. The tonsillar and submandibular lymph nodes are organs which are situated just beneath the mandibular angle, all along the base of the jaw on whichever. The submandibular nodes, about half a dozen in number, is located on the surface of the submandibular gland and get the lymph from the face, cheek, nose, upper lip, gums and tongue.. Parotid (Preauricular) Nodes. The preauricular nodes are located superficial to parotid fascia and drain the lymph from the entire scalp, auricle, eyelids and cheeks.. Mastoid (Postauricular) Node

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Swollen lymph nodes after COVID-19 vaccine may indicate prior infection, early research suggests. Those who were previously infected with COVID-19 were more likely to experience swollen lymph. • The cytodiagnosis of reactive lymph nodes is most accurate in patients under 50 years (~5% risk of subsequent malignant diagnosis) • A higher rate (29%) of subsequent open biopsy finding of malignancy occurs in patients over 50 following a cytodiagnosis of benign (mixed) lymph node Vande Schoot L et al. J Pediatr Surg. 2001. 36(1):7-1 There are two groups of ear lymph nodes. The group located in front of the ear is called the preauricular nodes, and the group directly behind the ear is known as sub occipital lymph nodes, according to the Loyloa University Medical Education Network 2.Ear lymph nodes are not the only lymph nodes located in the head and neck, but they are generally the lymph nodes involved in ear infections Mary McMahon The lymphatic system, shown in green. The supraclavicular lymph nodes are collection points for the lymphatic system that are located just above the clavicle.The body is filled with lymph nodes stationed at various key points to collect and process lymph as it drains and moves through the body. In the case of the these lymph nodes, the nodes serve as a collection point for lymph. From the case: Lymph node levels of the head and neck (annotated CT) CT. Axial. Sagittal. From the case: Lymph node levels of the head and neck (annotated CT) CT. Sagittal. Coronal. From the case: Lymph node levels of the head and neck (annotated CT